Todd Sheridan Perry


VFX artist, Founding Member

Todd Sheridan Perry works in the film industry as a freelance Visual Effects Supervisor/CG Supervisor as well as digital artist, screenwriter, editor and director. Perry is a classically trained artist, as well as both a traditional and digital animator. His diverse background in video games, film and television has led him to play key roles in projects ranging from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers to Final Destination 5, The Immortals, Men In Black 3, Total Recall, Resident Evil 5 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Perry has recently wrapped as a CG Supervisor on Marvel’s Doctor Strange – a project nominated for a Best Visual Effects Oscar.

Perry is working on numerous personal short films and animation projects through his visual effects company, TeaspoonVFX, and has been consulting on screenplays and development for multiple features.

Perry has been animating since he was 8 years old, inspired when watching Star Wars, but his professional career began when he moved to Los Angeles in 1995. A couple years later, riding the wave as visual effects migrated from optical to digital, he started the visual effects house Max Ink Cafe with multi-award winning producer Jennifer Champagne. They worked together for over a decade to produce visual effects, full CG animation, and films. Perry has been awarded an Emmy for his work on the mini-series, The Triangle while working with award-winning supervisors Volker Engel and Marc Weigert. He was also nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award for The KiteRunner with CafeFX. While at CafeFX, he also acted as Lighting Supervisor on  Frank Darabont’s take on the Stephen King short-story, The Mist. Perry has contributed articles to Animation Magazine for the past 15 years. With over 500 article reviews on both software and hardware used in the visual effects industry, Perry has been able to keep abreast of the developing technologies that contribute to visual effects.

Todd received his BFA at Pacific Lutheran University with an emphasis in 2-dimensional media, which included illustration, painting, photography and digital media. His animation and visual effects training came from internships in Seattle with Terry Tennyson for character animation and Charlie Canfield at Alpha Cine for optical effects. He resides in Seattle, Washington, focusing on writing and developing film projects, and frequently working on commercial work for local award-winning content houses, Workhouse Creative and World Famous, as well as Bungie and Microsoft.