The Passage Treatment

Robin James is a victim of kidnapping … in time. Abducted by her son from a previous life, Robin must confront her past while desperately trying to escape it.

ROBIN JAMES, 38, and husband, CHRIS JAMES, 40, arrive to spend the weekend with their friends, JACK and SUE POTTS, 40s. They discover the house unlocked and the entire family of four missing.

MILTY MONROE, 6, an Edwardian-era boy circa 1910, watches from the shadows. His secret exploration of a portal in his home leads him to other dimensions, unwittingly discovering his mother (Robin) in a future life incarnation.

Milty is followed by DARK ENERGY, a voracious morphing force from a lower vibrational dimension that can only pass through the portal by parasitically attaching to a higher vibrational form. It needs to feed and will seek out the highest energy host.

Milty’s mother, EMMA MONROE, 35, a progressive woman in an era that does little to empower her, dies in a consuming lethargy in1910, to the confusion of her loved ones.

Milty, intent to bring his mother back, devises a plan to kidnap Robin in time. But first, he must eliminate everyone around her by baiting the Dark Energy to them, resulting in their abduction to other dimensions where they are held captive by DARK FORCES, intent to feed upon or possess them.

One visitor is marginally spared, JOEL CHEN, 40, Robin’s best friend, a spiritually liberal gay Asian man, who also shared a former life with Milty in 1910, as the family butler, WU HONG, 40s, who illegally claimed citizenship when his immigration papers were destroyed in the fires of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Milty personally escorts Joel through the portal to a higher vibrational dimension.

With Robin alone and desperate for answers, Milty presents himself, offering, “I can help you find them.”

Instead, he takes her back to 1910, presenting her to his father, WILLIAM MONROE, 40s, who fervently wants to believe that his love has somehow returned. To his sister, MYRTLE, 3, who joins Milty’s wish to have their mother restored. To Emma’s lifelong best friend, THEODOCIA LICHTENBERG, 30s, a spiritualist convinced that the power of her mediumship has brought back the dead. To EWALD LICHTENBERG, 40s, spouse to Theodocia and atheist doctor, who would like to believe in an afterlife to assuage the guilt of his medical experimentation, resulting in numerous deaths. If, indeed, Robin is proof, Ewald fancies himself the godfather of the greatest discovery in history: linking spirit and science.

Time jumps, exposing the the dark history of the Edwardian cast, reaching back to the Victorian era. Robin must manipulate everyone to her favor as she attempts to navigate her way out, but the longer she stays in their company, the more her former life seeps into her consciousness, dividing her between two realities.

Robin escapes being held captive in Ewald’s experimentation lair, finding refuge in Wu’s care, hidden in the basement of the Monroe home. Ewald reports Wu to the IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES, sending them pounding at the front door for his arrest, just as Milty helps both Robin and Wu escape through the portal, catapulting them into an unearthly dimension … and season two.