Primrose Lane Podcast

Episode I:

The Screenplay We Thought Was Fiction

Welcome to the episodic sharing of the real paranormal events that inspired the making of the film Primrose Lane (2016 release) and the continuing series, The Passage (in development). Check out the trailer and come onboard for the ride!

Episode 2:

The House Claimed Me

Primrose Lane filmmaker, Kathleen Davison, shares the backstory of being mysteriously drawn to the home that would begin a six year saga of paranormal events that touched every member of her family as well as visitors to the home.

Episode 3 | Podcast 1:

A Disembodied Voice Speaks

Drawn to reside in an 1885 Victorian mansion, Kathleen Davison is shocked to encounter paranormal activity immediately upon arrival. A disembodied voice speaks her name, and what she’s quick to dismiss as an active imagination is brought into further question when other visitors to the home see a full-bodied apparition.

Co-hosts Pamela Beaty (paranormal specialist) and Kathleen Davison (Primrose Lane filmmaker) kick off the podcast series of an ongoing discussion about the actual paranormal events that inspired the making of the film.

Episode 4 | Podcast 2:

Dead Boy Walking

After a year of hearing a child’s footsteps late at night, filmmaker, Kathleen Davison, came to the startling realization that they weren’t her son’s.

Episode 5 | Podcast 3:

There Are Holes in the House … and Things Can Come Through

Her son tried to warn her that inhuman entities were entering the house, but did this mother pay sufficient attention?

Episode 6 | Podcast 4:

Something Attempted to Possess Her Husband

Inhuman screams drew her downstairs to discover her husband under attack …

Episode 7 | Podcast 5:

The Toddler Sees the Ghost

Shortly after seeing a ghost boy, the resident toddler reports seeing a “dog person” …

Episode 8 | Podcast 6:

Hybrid Creatures from Their Own Dimension, Poltergeists & Full Body Apparitions!

A creature growls, objects are moved, and a fully-formed apparition makes multiple appearances!

A dark entity visited the studio and its vibration interfered with a segment of this recording. The mechanical interference continued as a simple edit to repair the segment took hours and repeatedly failed. When the podcast was posted to The Hollywood Sage website, the entire site went blank.

Tune into Episode 9/Podcast 7 to hear the damaged original segment from podcast 6 at the end of the segment. Hear for yourself what sounds like an otherworldly voice.

Episode 9 | Podcast 7:

The Man Behind the Door, the Ghost Rat’s Return & the Dark Interloper

Paranormal expert, Pamela Beaty, sheds light on the door that mysteriously opens by itself, the “ghost rat” returns, and a dark interloper pays a visit to the studio …

A dark entity visited the studio during the previous podcast recording (EP. 8/Podcast 6). Its vibration interfered with a segment of this recording and continued during the edit to repair the damage. At the end of this podcast, you’ll find the original segment from podcast 6.

Episode 10 | Podcast 8:

The Rose Lady, Ghost Sex, a Brain Tumor, and the Poking Ghosts

An unwelcome guest follows a member of the film crew home, another crew member is violated in the house, the director is diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the resident children are poked in the night by unseen entities …

Episode 11 | Podcast 9:

Meet the Paranormal Investigators!

A witch. A wizard. A team of science-minded investigators. Meet the motley crew who confirmed the paranormal phenomena of Primrose Lane. This episode introduces the process of two investigative teams coming from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Episode 12 | Podcast 10:

The Witch & the Wizard

Tune in for this special New Year’s long play edition. White witch, Patti Negri, joins paranormal specialist, Pamela Beaty and filmmaker, Kathleen Davison to discuss the investigation of the Primrose home.

Episode 13 | Podcast 11:

Science Contemplates the Paranormal

Documented communication with unseen entities. Voices. Footsteps. Object manipulation. Investigators being physically touched. What’s the scientific perspective?

We’ve heard from the witch and the sin eater, but we respect that it’s a tall order for the skeptics and atheists to swallow. Now we invite the voice of science, Chris Turner.